Telehealth Service

Birds of Paradise is ready and able to offer immediate Telehealth for Gynaecology appointments.

Who is eligible?  

Anyone wishing to see a gynaecologist.

Is my appointment free? 

No, as a private specialist clinic, we are unable to offer a no-gap Telehealth service.

For registration as a new patient for Telehealth, the registration fee is $145 for the initial appointment, and $75 to register for your review appointment. Payment is required at the time of booking your appointment and is non-refundable (change of appointment fee is $20). All fees on the day of your appointment will be bulk-billed to Medicare. If you require a face-to-face appointment for examination or for an office procedure after your Telehealth appointment, this will be bulk-billed. Please call 07 4041 5081 to book your appointment.

How do I book my Telehealth appointment? 

We ONLY offer a phone booking service. Please call 07 4041 5081 to make your appointment, or preferably, leave a message for a callback. We anticipate higher than normal call volume and will make every effort to return your phone call on the same business day.

Internet booking sites offering to book an appointment with the Birds of Paradise, Women’s Health Clinic are misleading. We do not work with any other third party provider for booking services.

What if I live outside of Cairns and surrounds, can I still have a Telehealth appointment with Birds of Paradise, Women’s Health Clinic? 

Yes. If further face-to-face management is required, your gynaecology specialist will liaise if possible with a local health provider to arrange clinical review and possible ongoing management.

Can I receive prescriptions via telehealth? 

Yes, we can post you or your pharmacist a script if medication is required.

What if I need to have a scan or blood test?

We will post you your scan and blood request forms to be attended to with detailed instructions as needed. Please ensure you have arranged with your Birds of Paradise, Women’s Health Clinic specialist how you will receive your test results.

What if I need an examination? 

As a COVID-19 ready practice, we offer social distancing in our wait room with capped number of direct face-to-face appointments. Prior to review, all patients attending for a face-to-face consultation MUST NOT HAVE:

  1. flu-symptoms,

  2. had direct contact with a confirmed COVID-19 person, and

  3. been overseas 14 days prior to review.

Our preference for non-emergency cases is to perform a Telehealth initial consultation, with a separate appointment for examination if required. We will review all referrals to triage emergency reviews.

Emergency face-to-face appointments will continue if they are unable to be attended to by Telehealth.

What if I need a gynaecology office procedure? 

If you require a procedure, we will do an initial telehealth appointment with a preplanned time for the completion of your assessment and management in rooms. An example of this is an abnormal cervical screening results requiring a colposcopy.

What if I need a gynaecology operation in hospital? 

All emergency operations will likely be attended to during the COVID-19 health period. Elective, non-emergency surgery may be deferred depending on hospital resourcing and availability.

Do you offer fertility assessments? 


Do you offer review of period problems and pelvic pain? 

Yes. Yes.

Do you offer review of ovarian cysts, vulval lesions, or contraception? 

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Do you offer review of prolapse and incontinence? 

Yes…. but for pessary checks, we will review the need for clinical urgency on a case-by-case basis at this time.

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