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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG), is the official body responsible for training and examining obstetricians and gynaecologists in New Zealand and Australia. The College’s patient information pamphlets provide up-to-date information that can be discussed at the Dr Elizabeth Jackson clinic, to help you make an informed decision about your care.

The topics and digital pamphlets are hereafter listed – (click to) view or (right click to) download via the links or images below.

•  Antenatal Care during Pregnancy
•  Asherman Syndrome
•  Assisted Birth
•  Breech Presentation at the End of your Pregnancy
•  Caesarean Section (C-Section)
•  Cervical Screening in Australia
•  Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)
•  Chronic Pelvic Pain
•  Depression and Anxiety: Pregnancy and after Birth

•  Endometriosis
•  Exercise during Pregnancy
•  First Few Weeks Following Birth
•  Group B Streptococcus
•  Hysteroscopy
•  Induction of Labour
•  Labour and Birth
•  Laparoscopy
•  Menopause
•  Fetal Monitoring in Labour

•  Pain Relief in Labour and Childbirth
•  Planning for Pregnancy
•  Pre-eclampsia / High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
•  Prenatal Screening for Chromosomal
and Genetic Conditions
•  Pudendal Neuralgia
•  Red Blood Cell Alloimmunisation
•  Travelling during Pregnancy
•  Umbilical Cord Blood Banking
•  Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section
•  Why your Weight Matters during Pregnancy



RANZCOG Disclaimer: These pamphlets are intended to be used as a guide for information of general nature, having regard to general circumstances.  Each pamphlet reflects information available at the time of its preparation, but its currency should be determined having regard to other available information. RANZCOG disclaims all liability to users of the information provided.