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It is normal to be nervous about birth. It’s important to talk to your midwife, GP or obstetrician about concerns you have in your pregnancy.

Vaginal birth is often considered the preferred mode of delivery due to quicker recovery. There is also less intervention compared with Caesarean section. There are some elements of vaginal birth which can cause concern for women. Some include pain, injury to pelvic floor and the need for an emergency instrumental or Caesarean.

For Caesars, concerns include a longer recovery, risk of surgery and implications for future birth. Reasons why women may elect for a Caesarean section include personal preference, baby position or previous birth outcome.


  • Dr Elizabeth Jackson

    Dr Jackson has a passionate interest in women's health and has practiced as a private specialist in Cairns since 2015. Dedicated to a multidisciplinary approach to reproductive health, Elizabeth was the first robotic surgically trained gynaecologist in North Queensland and is a generalist obstetrician gynaecologist who offers a broad range of treatments in the management of menstrual disorders, pelvic pain, fertility and obstetrics.

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